PASAK MTB Mountain Bike Air Fork 27.5 inch ER 1-1/8" Suspension Fork Gas Resilience Oil Damping Line Lock Disc Brake

1. Brand: Pasak

2.Model: P34 gold tube gas fork

3.Size: 27.5 "

4. The length of the front fork vertical pipe is 251MM, and the outer diameter of the pipe is 28.6, 27.5"/115MM (32MM diameter) and 100MM

5. Weight: 1710g 

6. Dedicated disc brake, support hydraulic disc brake

7. The warranty of the front fork is not guaranteed for 2 years;Purchase the front fork (default not installed) the core, line control of the wiring pipe and install and debug the goods (line length 380MM).

PASAK-MTB-Mountain-Bike-Air-Fork-26-27-5-29inch-ER-1-1-8-Suspension-Fork (1).jpgHa54f99838d1348d68b78031bac029826d.jpgHfa9dcc6d538e48b08c0685bd04aa7b60W.jpgHe5d5c727d0584067b505235c95c3b11aK.jpgHa128b51f20134479826d87db397e2942w.jpgH360109de57fb4f49806ecfcf7a40765d9.jpgH59f1267b343843dcbd41331829ad0739F.jpg

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