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Bicycle Top Tube Front Beam Bag MTB Road Cycling Anti Pressure Shock Rainproof Bag Bike Accessories

Product Information:

Name: bicycle bag fixed on tube         

Weight: about 146g

Model: LXB102                                        

Size: about 24.5*10*9.5CM

Material: PU,EVA, mutispandex             

Waterproof:  mildly rain-proof

Color: black                                            

Feature: EVA shell craft; PU  rainproof material

Product Feature:

-Shell in three-dimensional contouring style.

- reduce the injury while you bumping into bicycle tube

- Multi protection; more strong and flexible

- Shell design, great compression resistance  and crash resistance 

- With shell design, it can protect the things inside the bag at maximum extend.

- Small body, large capacity

- The bag can satisfy all your riding needs

- With this bag, you are more comfortable and convenient to ride outside.

- Inner grid interlayer

- It is highly effective shock absorption and can separate items as well 

- as prevent items from scratching each other 

- Inner grid interlayer is shock absorption and anti-scrape 

- Altar grain PU material

- Effectively prevent rain

- With PU material, it is effective to prevent rain. But please don't use water to soak it. 

- Double- zipper design

- With bidirection zipper design, there si enoughspave inside the bag to store things, such as the earphone. And USB cable is also easy to be  stuck out. 

- Reasonable proportion design

- Your leg wonn't bump into the bag while cycling.

- Three areas to keep stable

- three different areas using hook and loop fasteners design to keep stable ,

and it is to fit on and remove. 

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