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Cycling pressurized strong knee pads squat wear-resistant breathable knee pads fitness adjustable outdoor


Knee pads reduce the impact felt by the knees, protecting the knee caps and providing more comfortable feeling while doing outdoor activities. The EVA gasket cushion embedded in our product give protection and stabilization to the knees. Non-slip silicone prevent sliding down during exercise. Double spring support on both sides strengthens the support of the knee joint and boost sports performance.


  1. Double aluminium stabilizing hinges-our high-quality knee brace is equipped with plastic steel stabilizers on each side of the brace to maximize knee support and provide comfort. Located on both sides of the knee, it helps stabilize, relieves immediate pain and relieves knee pressure 

  2. Open ELL bone design-The open ella bone design of our knee brace reduces the pressure on the knee and ensures that your bone (knee bone) is properly aligned with the rest of the joint. Correct knee movement and tracking are great for daily activities and exercise.

  3. Compression-The powerful Velcro can easily adjust the knee support to make it fit your preferences. Unlike closed knee cuffs, you can control the amount of support required.

  4. Durable and comfortable-made of high-quality neoprene, nylon, and polyester materials, it has excellent comfort, fit and support. Lightweight and breathable, so you can get support throughout your daily activities and stay comfortable during rigorous exercise.

  5. Pain and injury support-use dynamic men's and women's knee braces to get the long-term relief and support needed. Help and support: knee injury, weakness, or arthritis; sprain, knee instability; ACL, MCL, ligament, tendon, muscle and meniscus pain relief.


  1. EVA cushions

  2. 2 embedded springs

  3. Velcro fastener

  4. Heat dissipation mesh

Product Variations

  1. Black

KNP001 1.0.jpegKNP001 2.0.jpegKNP001 3.0.jpegKNP001 4.0.jpegKNP001 5.0.jpegKNP001 6.0.jpegKNP001 7.0.jpegKNP001 7.0.jpegKNP001 8.0.jpegKNP001 9.0.jpeg

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